Parent Council Reps

This year, in an effort to increase avenues of communication between parents and the School, the Parent Council have appointed individual Year Reps so that if any parents have questions or concerns about something which might be specific to an individual Year group (or indeed a more general matter) they can raise that with the relevant Year Rep who will then liaise with the larger Parent Council and the School to try and address the parent's questions.

The Reps have children themselves in the Year groups they represent, so will hopefully be closer to any Year-specific issues and it is hoped that parents might feel more comfortable contacting someone that they or their child recognises, rather than a more anonymous contact at the Parent Council.

We hope that this extra level of communications is of benefit to the whole parent body - if anyone has any questions or feedback on this at any stage please either speak to your appropriate Year Rep or contact the School directly.

• S1 - Mark Elder -
• S2 - Alan Balanowski -
• S3 - Tim Hall -
• S4 - Sarah Clarkson -
• S5 - Alison Hancock -
• S6 - Mel Kinchant -

Martin Bennett
Chair person 2019-20