S1 Tour of School & Information Evening

We would like to thank all our visitors for coming along on Thursday 10 September 2019 and for their feedback.

                                                                Strongly agree   Agree   Disagree  Strongly disagree
It was clear what the evening was about         70%             22%       4%          4%
The presentations were clear and helpful         70%             26%        -              4%
I have a clearer understanding of learning       78%             16%         -             4%
The evening was well organised                       85%            15%          -               -

You said…

  •  Might have been better if this took place before pupils arrived in S1. Although it was a really informative and enjoyable evening.
  •  It was a bit long. 

We will…

  • We are already looking at the potential for moving the timing of this event in order to make this opportunity for P7 pupils and parents.
  • As part of a potential new format we are considering a slight change in how this evening is organised in order to increase opportunities but also reduce the timeframe.