Enhanced Curriculum

At Queensferry, we want to offer your child the widest possible range of learning experiences and opportunities. In S1 and S2 all pupils follow the Enhanced Curriculum for a double period each week.

Course structure and purposes

The Enhanced Curriculum provides pupils with different short courses which they follow for four or five weeks each. These courses have been planned by teachers working in pairs from different areas of the curriculum to:

• Give pupils learning experiences and opportunities which go beyond those which can be offered in traditional S2 subjects.
• Help pupils see the links between different subjects.
• Help pupils to develop their literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing in a variety of situations.
• Nurture the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence in pupils: Successful learners, Confident individuals, Responsible citizens and Effective contributors.

  • Allow for experiential learning to take place. 

S2 courses are also planned to give continuity and progression from S1 courses.

Courses on offer

Courses are currently being developed by our S1 and S2 teachers and will be finalised by August 2015. 

How pupils are assessed

Pupils each have workbooklets and portfolios which they keep in school as a record of their learning. Each course is planned around Experiences and Outcomes in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing, together with some subject-specific Outcomes. Pupils track their progress in certain skills over each course and reflect on how they know they have developed those skills. Every course has their own page within the workbooklet where pupils can identify the main skills they have learned and how they can use these in future learning. 

Showcase evenings for parents

This years showcases were very successful with pupils displaying their work in a variety of different ways. They have worked very hard over the past year and both S1 and S2 pupils should be proud of all they have achieved. A selection of photos from both evenings can be seen below.