The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

A DofE programme is a real adventure from beginning to end! As well as enhancing your CV for the future, DofE gives you the opportunity to become confident, responsbile and outgoing individuals, capable of handling yourself in a variety of new and exciting situations.

At Queensferry Community High School we offer DofE at three levels, which when completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. You achieve your Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if you're going for Gold) - Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition and for Gold, a Residential.

On our pages you should find all of the information you need for each of the award levels, as well as some advice and tips for completing the award. Please use the links below to navigate to Bronze, Silver and Gold pages. If you want or need any further information, please use the contact box below to send me an email.

Many thanks,

Gillian Ness, DofE Coordinator

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Completing Your eDofE

Start Your Adventure ...

Why choose the DofE?

There are many reasons to get involved with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme at QHS ...

1. It's a real adventure:- whether you are the next Bear Grylls or have never walked further than Tesco, your DofE expedition is sure to be a memorable adventure. Camping and walking with your friends is a great laugh and is a fantastic way to get to know new people. Rain or shine, all of our previous participants have had a ball on expedition!

2. It's great for your CV:- Loads of universities and colleges really rate having a DofE Award highly, so remember to include it on your Personal Statement. If you're looking to apply for the Apprentice, Dragon's Den or are going for a part time job delivering newspapers, employers want to see something different. A DofE award could give you the edge over someone else. 

3. You've got talent:- thinking of auditioning for Britain's Got Talent? Why not show off your skills in your DofE first! Completing your activities is a great chance to show off your existing talents or learn new ones. So if you've always wanted to bake like Mary Berry, sing like Ed Sheeran or study wildlife like David Attenborough, now is your chance to shine. 

4. Get the skills to pay the bills:- the skills and qualities you will learn through DofE are endless. Team building, communication, problem solving, responsibility, dedication, commitment, time management, respect, leadership, self confidence, self awareness, but most importantly ... you'll learn it all whilst having fun! 

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