• BGE PSE - S1&2&3

This week, you will be completing a learning reflection task. The emphasis of the task is to reflect on all the positives you have achieved throughout the year, focusing on your skills and qualities. This is on your Microsoft Teams page for your year group as an assignment which means work will be returned to us.

• Senior Phase PSE

We have uploaded units of work - SCQF Level 5 Personal Development (Self Awareness) and Understanding Mental Health to your Senior Phase PSE Microsoft Teams group (S4/5/6). Both of these units have been designed with self directed study in mind. You should ensure you have completed all the tasks for the unit you have worked on in school (Personal Development is S4 and Mental Health S5) and then progress onto completing the other. All the supporting documents are there, alongside the booklets which need to be completed and returned to your Pupil Support Leader.

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www.apprenticeshipsinscotland.com                     www.edinburghcollege.ac.uk

www.carnegiecollege.ac.uk                                 www.adamsmith.ac.uk

www.west-lothian.ac.uk                                     http://www.oatridge.ac.uk/

www.bconstructive.co.uk                                   www.ucas.co.uk

http://www.leapsonline.org/                               https://teenwork.co/