Covid19 - Business and Computing

Week beginning Monday 30 March 2020

All S1-S3 classes, N5 and Higher classes have work set up on Microsoft Teams

1   ** YouTube channel **

We have set one up. Please subscribe.  We plan to deliver some lessons and also investigate using YouTube Live.

Subscribe and view -

2  ** Work for the week **

Go to the the Home Study page on the main page of school website.

Go to your year group.

Open the file and find Business or Computing.  Follows the steps.  

All lessons are on MS Teams in the Assignments tab.

There are a range of tasks - Create, Watch, Chat and Word of Week.

If you are unsure or need some help then contact:

Mr Easton -

Office365 - student guide

Welcome to Technologies (Business Education and Computing Science)

Our department slogan is “developing your skills, making you employable” as our courses play an important role in preparing students for employment both by extending their understanding of business and also how IT is used and applied in all aspects of society.

In both Business Education and Computing, we use group work, investigations and student presentations to develop confidence and communication skills. In addition we are keen to develop students skills in problem solving, literacy, numeracy and creativity, all essential skills that will make students more employable and benefit those that wish to go onto further or higher education.


Business Education

Mr Easton (Curriculum Leader) 

Mrs Dagnall 

Computing Science

Mr Douglas

Mrs Grivell

Subjects from S1-S6

Broad General Education (S1-S3):

S1 Business Education, Computing (both 1 period a week)   

S2 Business Education, Computing (both 1 period a week)

S3 Business Management, Administration and IT, Computing Science

Senior Phase (S4-S6):

N4, N5 and Higher: Business Management, Administration and IT, Computing Science

NPA Business with IT, NPA Computer Games Development.