Curriculum for Excellence Explained

  • The latest useful documents for parents have come from the National Parent Forum of Scotland.  They have produced a series of A4 sheets entitled 'Highers in a Nutshell' for subject areas at Higher level. To download your copies visit:
  • Below, under files, you can find a Parent's guide, provided by the City of Edinburgh, giving responses to many frequently asked questions about the on-going Curriculum for Excellence changes.
  • Additionally the following briefing papers may help parents/ carers understand plans for the curriculum being followed in school:

Personalised Learning :

Progression from the Broad General Education to the Senior Phase
Part One - The S3 Experience

Part two - Learning in the Senior Phase

Part three - Curriculum Planning at the Senior Phase

Learning About Scotland

  • Scottish Universities have been asked to respond to the Curriculum for Excellence and below are files which contain their statements.  This statements may be helpful to those who are concerned about the qualifications that Universities will be looking for under the new system and for those giving advice and guidance to pupils selecting subjects and pathways in the future.
S3 Information Evening
Nat 3, 4, 5, H, AH Assessment Summary - A guide for Parents