The Parent Forum

The membership of a Parent Forum is made up of parents who have a child at an
education authority school. Parents are automatically members of the Parent Forum for their school. One of the ways parents in the Parent Forum will be able to express their views will be through the Parent Council. As a member of the Parent Forum, each parent can expect to:

  • Receive information about the school and its activities
  • Hear more in future about what partnership with parents means in their school
  • Be invited to be involved in ways and times that suit them
  • Participate in deciding how the parent representative body, the Parent Council, is organised and how it operates
  • Identify issues they want the Parent Council to work on with the school
  • Be asked their opinion by the Parent Council on issues relating to the school and the education it provides
  • Work in partnership with staff
  • Enjoy taking part in the life of the school in whatever way they can.