Parents as Partners

Involving parents in the wider life of the school is important to us. Currently we have three different parents' groups running each of which has a slightly different partnership:

The Parent Council is the most formal of the groups and it meets around every six weeks. At these meetings the Headteacher provides a report on current issues within the school including information on staffing, budget and the overall management of the school. This group is chaired by a parent member.

The Parent Staff Association This group meets once a month and is aiming to support the school through providing tea and coffee at Parents' Evenings, helping at school events, organising raffles and is generally looking for ideas to become involved in the more social side of school life.

The Parent Forum includes all parents/carers who have a child at Queensferry High school and takes the form of presentation evenings where parents are invited to attend on a voluntary basis according to their interest in the topic of the evening. Previously we have enjoyed talks on Health and Wellbeing, the Science curriculum, Maths and English early presentation and Careers Education. It is usually school staff who make these presentations but we have on occasion invited external guests to speak on topics such as Social Networking.

If you would like to become involved in any of these groups please contact the main school office in the first instance and they can refer you onto a contact within the relevant group.