Code of Conduct

Classroom Code

To allow lessons to start on time students should always arrive on time for lessons, bringing all necessary books and materials. They should enter class quietly and prepare for the start of the lesson.

To ensure that all students can have a fair chance to learn, students should listen and pay attention when asked to be quiet and raise their hand if they wish to speak out in class. Students should behave well in class and not disrupt the education of others.

To help make the best possible progress, students should complete all set classwork and homework on time.

Breaks are provided for eating food so there is no need to eat food during class time.

Code of Conduct outwith the Classroom

Lockers are provided for convenience during breaks and there should be no reason for students to access their lockers during class time or between classes.

Students have good areas provided for eating food and are asked to limit food consumption to these areas.

Covered areas are provided for break times and students should not try and access other areas during these times.

Students should come to school dressed smartly in school uniform whenever possible. Casual clothes and football tops are not appropriate.

'Ferry Fling'  - the school's own tartan

The school is kept clean and tidy for your use so please try and keep it free from litter.

Toilets are provided for all and are kept clean for use. Please do not abuse the toilet areas as this will affect other students.