New S3

All of the information in this section of the website is designed to support our current S2 pupils and their parents/carers with making choices for S3. Below you will be able to access an online presentation and information guide as well as a copy of the course choice options for session 2021-22. Faculties have also shared additional information about S3 courses they have on offer for next session.

Key dates

  • Thursday 18 February 2021 – Course Choice forms will go live via a young person’s PSE MS Team
  • Thursday 25 February 2021 – All Course Choice must have been submitted online

Pathway Planning Booklet for S3

Course Choice Presentation

Course Choice Options (Click to enlarge)

You will submit your choices via your PSE MS Team. Any questions please contact your Pupil Support Leader. Remember you MUST select a choice from each column but also make sure you have selected a choice from each curriculum area (e.g. a Technologies subject, a Science, a Social Subject etc). You can check this in the course choice booklet and on your actual course choice form.

Course Information

Browse below to find more information on each faculty area.