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Welcome to the QHS website. Although we are currently living in a changed environment, we are still a community and we are incredibly proud of both our young people and staff. We look forward to a future which will see us finally moving into our brand new school and moving forward together. However, for now, whilst we embrace this new distance based learning, our key priority is to ensure that we all stay safe and connected as a community.

New School House : Forth House

We are excited to launch our new Forth House on Monday 1st June. Ms J Hannah will be the Pupil Support Leader and will make contact with all her new pupils over the month of June to introduce herself. She is very much looking forward to meeting you all in person when it is safe to do so. Ms Hannah will also be meeting with Ms Lamb, Mr Thomas, Ms MacNeil and Ms Pettigrew to have a handover of information and supports required for all pupils moving into Forth House. The Pupil Support Leaders will work together as a team to support this transition. In the meantime, although not the way in which we had planned to communicate the House move, we have sent you all a text message to inform you of the move and given our current circumstance we hope that you understand. We have 7 classes moving to Forth House:

1D3 will move to 2F1
1H2 will move to 2F2
2H2 will move to 3F1
3H2 will move to 4F1
3R2 will move to 4F2
4D1 will move to 5F1
5R1 will move to 6F1

If you are unsure about which class you are currently in or have any questions please contact Ms Gordon michelle.gordon@queensferry.edin.sch.uk



For instructions on home study during the school closure because of the covid-19 pandemic, please visit our new home study hub.


QHS Home Study Hub



You can visit our new P7 transition section below:

P7 Transition


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