Public Speaking House Competition

The annual public speaking house competition took place yesterday evening, Tuesday 10 December 2019. Mr Caldicott reports:

"Congratulations to Hopetoun, who claimed the overall House Prize for Public Speaking. They put in a very strong performance with the following team:

S2: Ewan Colvin - Privatisation of the NHS after Brexit

S3: Katherine Shaw – Football is the new religion

S5: Jonathan Riley – Evidence that Jesus Christ was real

S6: Bruce MacPhail – Since we’re alive…

Katherine Shaw also picked up the Individual Speaker Award for the second year in a row! Well done, Katherine. Hat-Trick in S4?

A massive thanks from me to Heads of School, Jessica Pryde and Peter Nisbet for their support and assistance. Thanks to Jim McCulloch, President of Queensferry Rotary Club and Mr Watson for being the judges. Thanks to Mr Hardie and Mr McNair for their invaluable technical skills. Next year we will be in our purpose built Debating Chamber! How exciting."

Mr Watson also reflected on the evening:

"On my way home I felt I wanted to share with the school community the awesomeness and importance of this competition. In an age where we speak about the importance of hearing the voices of young people; in an age where we celebrate the passion and arguments of Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousafzai; I feel that this makes this competition the most important in the school. It is a competition that allows the pupils to select the topic they wish to speak about and voice their opinion on it in their own unique way. And the voices on show last night were passionate, insightful, thought-provoking, funny and inspiring.

My thanks and appreciation goes out to Mr Caldicott for organising this event and keeping this competition going year after year.

Also, I would like to thank the bravery, hard work and dedication of the speakers themselves who were a credit to not only their school and houses but role models for their peers. So thank you to Ewan Colvin, Katherine Shaw, Jonathan Riley, Bruce MacPhail, Fynn Donaldson, Amina Sanjuro-Hussain, Jemima Hair, Rebecca MacGregor and Wren Redgrave.

We can all be exceptionally proud of them. Bring on next year."