!!S4-6 Exam Leave Dates - IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!

Further information will be issued over the next few weeks regarding exam leave arrangements, but we hope this update will help keep parents/carers informed:

S6 Last Day: 5th April (celebration in school concluding at 11.30am when current S6 pupils will leave school)
Easter Holiday: 8th April
S4 & S5 SQA Assembly in school: Tuesday 23rd April
S4 & S5 Exam Leave: first day of exam leave - Wednesday 24th April, last day of exam leave Friday 31st May.
Change of timetable for EVERYONE (first day back after exam leave and induction programme for new S4, S5 and S6) - Monday 3rd June

Please note: for pupils S4 pupils sitting fewer than 3 x National Exams, arrangements are slightly different. A letter will be issued to all relevant pupils in due course, but the expectation is they will participate in a self-found or school supported work placement following a short in school programme between 24th April - 30th April (depending on exam timings etc). Paperwork available from Mr Thomas (guidance).