Promoting Inclusion, Wellbeing and Equality at Queensferry HS

We are currently working towards the LGBT Bronze Charter. We are very excited about this and have participated in a number of activities this year to promote a young person’s right to an education free from prejudice or discrimination. These have included Purple Friday in February and Anti Bullying week in November. We will also hold #chooserespect ceremonies this week to recognise how well young people in our school, take responsibility, stand up for their rights and show respect consistently to themselves, others and their community.

Please look out in the New Year for an exciting community event to be hosted in school that will focus on Inclusion, Wellbeing and Equality. Here is a link to the LGBT Youth Scotland website which will provide more details about the work of LGBT organisations which currently supports the work we are doing.

Ms Jenny Smith (Depute Head Teacher and Equalities Coordinator)