Easter Assemblies & Charities

At our year group Easter Assemblies held today Friday 23 March 2018, the themes of new beginnings and hope were explored.

Representatives from the three houses presented cheques to their sponsored charities:

Rosebery - Teenage Cancer Trust

Hopetoun - Cancer Research UK (Western General Edinburgh)

Dundas - Scottish Association for Mental Health

Additionally, whole school sponsorhip for the local charity Queensferry Care in the Community and the school's own Opportunities fund was recognised.

Each of the five areas received a cheque for £440

The chaplaincy team provided an entertaining challenge in three parts which had to be seen to be believed:

Can you drive a straw through a potato? Can you eat six crackers in 1 minute? Can a human pass through a playing card?

Finally, students were informed that the new school build would be starting just after their return in Easter.  Keeping people safe under the circumstances was explored.