You said - We Will Feedback on S1 Parents' Evening

Thank you to those parents/ carers who attended the recent S1 Parents' Evening and completed an evaluation. The outcome can be found below:

S1 Parents’ Evening – 21.2.18
Response to Parental Comments
130 parents attended the event.
50 evaluation forms were issued to sample parental feedback.
17 evaluations were returned.
Of the 17 returned evaluations, 14 agreed or strongly agreed that the booking system was easy to use, clearly explained in communications and stated that any issues with it were quickly resolved.
Please see below our responses to the feedback received:

(Parental Comments then Our Response)

• It is great to meet the teachers face to face. Very helpful positive experience
• All went really well. Thank you.
• It was great to meet the teachers face to face. Very helpful positive experience. Well organised.
• Nice to meet the teachers and get feedback.

We are very happy that parents and carers found the evening useful and worthwhile. Teachers spend considerable time preparing for the evening and we are glad that their preparation, and their warm welcome, helped make the evening enjoyable and useful for parents and carers

• The online system was a little tricky to login but great from then on.

We are glad that so many parents and carers – 82% of those who- find the online booking system helpful and easy to use.

• It was not clear from the communications whether the pupils were supposed to attend or not

Pupil attendance at Parents’ Evenings is entirely at the discretion of parents/carers. However, they are very important to the discussions you'll have.  In future, we will ensure that this is clear in our communication.

• Several parents commented on the fact that they could not get the appointments they wanted and that they did not see as many teachers as they wanted to.

Due to number of subjects pupils study in S1-S3, it is not always going to be possible for every parent/carer to see the teachers they want. If you attended the Parents’ Evening but were unable to get an appointment with a teacher before, then a feedback form can be filled in to ask for a brief update from a class teacher in lieu of an appointment. Your child’s teacher will then be in touch with a brief update as to their progress. Progress reports for S1 Pupils will also be issued in May which will go into more detail as to your child’s progress.

In addition to the above we will be looking at the structure of Parents’ Evenings to ensure that we address the problems regarding Parents being unable to get appointments.