Scottish Schools Individual Fencing Championships 2017

This annual competition was hosted by Linlithgow Academy on the weekend of the 25th/26th of November and included all 3 of the weapons that are used in the Olympic sport of Fencing. The competitors fenced in three different age categories (Under 14, Under 16 and Over 16).

Eddie Beamish, S2; Calum Readle, S3; Duncan Readle S6; Bethany Ross, S2 all competed. The organisers wrote to the Headteacher and said: " We were very pleased to see pupils from your school taking part in the competition and were impressed with their standard of fencing, behaviour and sportsmanship."

Eddie was placed 1st in Foil and 3rd in Sabre. Duncan was second in Epee and Bethany was placed 3rd in Epee.

Our congratulations go to all four competitors. Well done!