Annual Public Speaking Competition

The school held its annual Public Speaking Competition on the evening of Tuesday 7 November 2017. Mr Caldicott reports:

"Another cracking Public Speaking competition last night. I'm always impressed by our young people on nights like these. Every year they plan, research, write and deliver such thought-provoking, interesting and often mature speeches on a diverse range of topics. They should all be repeatedly congratulated for having the confidence to stand under those lights with a microphone amplifying every word.

Last night was particularly impressive for the consistent quality: clarity and a good pace was adhered to throughout. All mistakes were recovered from quickly and confidently. We'd like to see more engagement with the audience , especially using eye contact and gestures, but this isn't easy to develop if it doesn't come naturally.

The winning house was, once again, Rosebery. Huge congratulations. They have now won 7 times out of the past 11 years. A powerhouse of public speakers. The judges, former pupil Marian Monthana and our very own Stuart Watson, praised their consistent quality particularly from the juniors - some of the most striking confidence and articulacy came from this end of the school. The winning team was:

S2 Lewis Cameron - Tensions in Catalonia
S3 Harry Manson - Home Schooling
S4 Fynn Donaldson - Perceptions vs Reality
S5 Mitchell Chai - Are We Programming Our Own Doom?
S6 Daniel Young - North Korea

The individual speaker prize was won this year by Katie O'Rourke (S6) of Dundas with a simply excellent speech entitled 'Is Multilingualism the answer to Europe's Problem?' (To find out what Europe's problem is, you'll have to ask her). I feel I've definitely missed a trick not having Katie in Debate Club all these years!


"The effect music has on us is a kind of superpower." - Rosemary Dean

"We need to manage our time better. This is the only way to live a happier life and reduce stress." - Courtney Wedlock.

"Justin Bieber and Mozart were home schooled. It can work." - Harry Manson.

"Only about thirty websites in North Korea are not blocked; second only to the City of Edinburgh Council." - Daniel Young.

"So, what have I learned tonight as a judge? Amongst other things, that I need to home school my child from a nuclear bunker." - Mr Watson.

A massive thanks to the janitorial staff for setting up the room, Steve Hardie, Sandy MacNair and Stuart Watson for giving up their time, and Marian Monthana for coming in to lend her expertise to the judging panel."