'You said - we will' feedback on S1 Information Evening

Mr Hume, DHT S1-3 reports on the recent S1 Information and Tour of School Evening:

"Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the information evening on 12th September which hopefully provided you with a flavour of what your young people are experiencing day in, day out at Queensferry Community High School. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with several comments complimenting the organisation of the event, the teachers’ presentations, and the Senior pupils showing parents and carers around the school. As always we are keen to take on board all comments to ensure that we can improve for next year and our responses are detailed below:

  • Parental Comment/ Our Response
  • A little more time in each class/subject would have been good, although there was a lot to take in.

To ensure that every Curricular Area is given a slot with which to demonstrate learning in S1 we have to keep these slots to 10 minutes. We will consider slightly longer slots next year where at all possible. However, in the meantime, if parents/carers would like any further information about a particular subject or curricular area then please get in touch.

  • It was not totally clear what the evening was about.

We communicated information about the evening via text and a letter home. We will ensure that in future we put the event on the school website and the Facebook page, and that all communication as to what the evening is about, and what we hope parent/carers can take away from it, is completely clear.