The above slideshow was shared with parents and carers at the recent Information Evening regarding the senior phase, this year in school. Parents present asked if we could share the presentation on-line. Some data regarding attainment and positive destinations can't be shared on-line at present.

Response to Parental Comments

Approximately 100 parents attended the event.
50 evaluation forms were issued to sample parental feedback.
9 evaluations were returned.
Please see below our responses to the feedback received:

Parental Comment
9/9 responses were positive, with all strongly agreeing that:

• It was clear what the evening was about
• The presentations were clear and helpful
• I have a clearer understanding of the Senior Phase and pathways
• The evening was well organised

Our Response

We are delighted that we have received such positive feedback. Last year, parents told us that they felt the aims could have been clearer and that this could have been communicated more effectively before the event. This year, this information was clearly detailed in the letter that was emailed. We also sent 2 texts to parents and posted the information in our Facebook page.