Inter-House Quiz

Ms Condron, Mr Cameron and Ms Cifelli report on the Inter-House Quiz:

"The Queensferry High School Inter House Quiz was held in the drama studio on Tuesday 25th April 2017. It was a great success! We had a good turnout; pupils and family members came to cheer on their house teams. The pupils participating in the quiz were excellent and the audience were wonderfully supportive of them! There was a real sense of house pride. The final scores were as follows:

Rosebery: 57 points
Hopetoun: 61 points
And in first place: Dundas with a whopping 85 points!

So congratulations are in order for Dundas!

But a special well done to all of the pupils involved:

Dundas: Rebecca Allsopp and Eve Ferrol (S3), Fraser Glass and David Williamson (S4), Toby Wilkinson and Duncan Lyle (S5) and Sarah Kelly and Jack McKeever (S6)

Rosebery: Amy Robinson and Iona King (S3), Lloyd Rohan and Harris Ritchie (S4), Duncan Readle and Daniel Young (S5) and Daniel Stroud and Adam Keron (S6)

Hopetoun: Donnie Stark and Bruce McPhail (S3), Iona Downie (S4) and Lewis MacLeod (S4), Adam Burke and Mel Stoddart (S5) and Heather Newlands and Cameron Young (S6)