Senior Student Officials

In school we have the following senior student officials:

Heads of School – recognised by white braiding on their blazers

Dundas Heads of house and Depute head – recognised by yellow braiding on their blazers

Hopetoun Heads of house and Depute head – recognised by blue braiding on their blazers

Rosebery Heads of house and Depute head – recognised by red braiding on their blazer

How are we elected?

Heads of School – The heads of school are elected by senior students and members of staff. Anyone who is interested in this position puts their name forward and presents a speech to 5th and 6th year pupils and staff as to why they feel they would be best for the position. A ballot is then held that decides the two new heads of school.

Heads of House – These positions are also voted for by members of staff and senior students, however, the students can only vote for their own house. The first two candidates with the most votes are elected as the new Heads of House and the third person becomes Depute Head.

Prefects – Prefects are elected by nominating themselves to this role and are decided by members of staff. Prefects can be recognised by a small ribbon of their house colour. Dundas - yellow; Hopetoun - blue; Rosebery - red.

Duties and Roles

▪ Support and promote school events

▪ Act as good role model for junior pupils

▪ Represent the school at public functions

▪ To contribute to school assemblies

▪ To actively support parent evenings S1-S4

▪ Take an active role in the Rotary Interact Club

Some events that the senior officials need to attend include;

▪ Awards Ceremony

▪ Parent Evenings

▪ School Concerts

▪ Christmas Ceilidh

▪ Public Speaking

▪ Burns Supper

The heads of house and depute heads also have to organise and put together the senior show which is performed at the end of the school year. The makings of the show begin in January and rehearsals continue through to June. Each house competes against each other and comes up with their own theme and produces a half hour show based on their theme.

Senior Student Officials 2016-17


Heads of School
Euan Newlands
Ryan Picton

Heads of House – Dundas
Lucy Hutton
Catriona McRoberts
Depute Heads of House – Dundas
Rachel Ferguson
Lewis Moore

Heads of House – Hopetoun
Heather Newlands
Hannah Ritchie
Depute Heads of House – Hopetoun
Ewan Stewart
Sarah Hunter

Heads of House – Rosebery
Anna Crawford
Daniel Stroud
Depute Heads of House – Rosebery
Leila Gorman
Adam Keron