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Physical Education 

The Physical Education Department allows pupils to experience a wide range of sports through a variety of different courses from S1-6.

The Curricular Courses Available are listed below:

S1-3 Physical Education: Curriculum for Excellence Physical Education

S4-6 National 4/5 Physical Education.

S4-6 Higher and Performance Physical Education.

S5-6 Advanced Higher Physical Education

S3 Sports Leaders

Pupils will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities including:

Indoor sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Short Tennis, Fitness, Handball.

Aquatics: Swimming, Water Polo, Life Saving, Personal Survival.

Outdoor sports: Hockey, Rugby, Football, Capture the Flag.

Summer: Athletics, Rounders, Tennis, Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee.

Local Environment: "Out and About in Queensferry" a range of guided walks around the scenic surroundings, Orienteering.

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