Mrs J Thomas Curricular Leader
Mr S Hardie
Mr A Crawford DHT
Mr M McGregor
Mr K McQueen (Technician)

Craft, Design and Technology allows students to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding to prepare them for citizenship in our technologically based society.

The Craft, Design and Technology department at QHS offers courses from S1 to S6 in:

  • Craft and Design
  • Craft Skills
  • Graphic Communication
  • Technological Studies
  • Craft and Design

Craft and Design is an exciting course that allows pupils to learn to use woodwork and metalwork tools and machinery to produce products to their personal design and specification. From simple wind chimes in S1, students work with a variety of materials and processes fostering individual creativity and ability to design and build an extensive range of products at Standard Grade.

This years Craft and Design final year have designed and made coffee tables, a dog kennel, a jewellery box, several CD storage units, a guitar stand, a dart board unit and a fishing case.

Craft Skills

The Intermediate Craft Skills course is offered at S3/S4 and S5/S6. This is a practical woodwork course which allows students to build skills using tools and machinery. The project range covers basic carcass construction to lathe work. Students are encouraged to produce artefacts of high quality with fine manufacturing tolerances.

Graphic Communication

Graphic Communication allows students to develop a means to communicate effectively in the highly visual world we now live in.

In S1 students are taught to sketch and render in perspective to support their design work. Orthographic drawing is introduced in S2 with CAD and Presentation techniques.

At Standard Grade and Higher levels, Graphics is constantly changing to reflect the technological advances in Computer Aided Design and Modelling. The courses develop students skills in presentation techniques using a variety of media and manual tgechniques in addition to Architectural CAD packages, Computer modelling and Desktop Publishing. Engineering Drawing is learnt on a drawing board and realised in CAD.

Technological Studies

Technological Studies is a dynamic introduction to the modern world we live in. Nothing escaptes the influence of Technological studies from the food we eat to space travel.

In S1 pupils are introduced to the concept of strength through structure and have to consider the desing problem of spanning a gap. The task is to design a bridge incorporating strong shapes.

S2 pupils develop a basic electronic knowledge through the construction of a Fuse Tester following circuit diagrams. An understanding of basic electronic components and the use of soldering irons are key objectives in this project.

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