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S1 Computing

"Word of the Week". Every two weeks students are given a word to research. This is signed by the parent/carer.

N4/5 and Higher Computing Science classes

Students are encouraged to make full use of the Edmodo pages set up for your class.  Use this responsibly and you will get the best out of the course.




Ms G Alexander

Mr S McNair

Computer Science is educationally important. Just as we give every student the opportunity to learn the workings of physics, chemistry, and biology, because they live in a physical, chemical, biological world, so we should offer every student the opportunity to learn the workings of the digital systems that pervade their world.

The software industry, including games design has been one of the growth areas. Computing science is vital to everyday life — socially, technologically and economically; it shapes the world in which we live and its future. Computing is embedded in the world around us from systems and devices in our homes and places of work, to how we access education, entertainment, transportation and communication.

S1 and S2 Computing

In S1 the course gives students the opportunity to further develop their ICT skills and knowledge in areas such as Online safety, computer systems, Desk Top Publishing, Photo Manipultion,  Stop & Go Animation and Web Design and recently Google Sketch Up and using BBC micro:bit

In S2 the course provides opportunities to learn and develop skills in online safety, Scratch programming,Think Quest, Pivot Animation and Comic Life.

S3 Computing

This 1-year course that covers the Level 4 outcomes in Curriculum for Excellence. Similar to S1/S2 we aim to develop a range of skills including creativity and enterprising attributes. These courses provide a platform for the subjects we offer in S4 at National 4 and 5.

S4-S6 Computing National 4 to Higher

  • How to use multi-media to communicate
  • Learn about computer systems and how they improve our lives
  • To learn how to programme using software such as Scratch and Java
  • To learn how to develop a game, animation or app.
  • To learn about databases and effective storage/usage of Data.

What skills will I develop?

Computational thinking (problem solving, breaking a big problem into smaller manageable tasks); Communication skills (develop confidence to communicate with others using wide variety of medias); Critical analysis (compare similar or different technologies and their usage in society); Data Manipulation (how to manipulate given data and extracting meaningful information from it); Social networking and team player (by working with others in class or collaborating with other pupils in different classes using communication media).

All these skills will make you more employable and benefit those of you who have college or university education as one of your goals.

Computing is for real!

As part of the courses we will encourage you to research information and where possible both you and the department will invite businesses into school to help increase your understanding of how computing relates to the real world.

Snow Closure Homework