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S1 Business Education

"Word of the Week". Every two weeks students are challenged to research a word to get on board with some of the key terms. This is signed by your parent/carer

S2 and S2 Business Education, S3 Administration and IT, Business Management

"Homework Challenges". Every unit students are given a topic to research and it is always based on actual businesses.  Marks are awarded for both content.

S5/6 Business Management

Homework is set once per week

Each student is also given a day of the week to share 'Business News'. It is essential students are aware of what is actually happening in the economy and how this relates to the Higher course.

N5 and Higher Administration and IT

It is essential students practice their keyboarding skills and their ability to proof read accurately.  This can be done outwith the class by using the work done in class.   With the 'theory' part of the course homework is set regularly to ensure deeper understanding of this part of the course.

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We have uploaded a number of resources eg PowerPoints with summary notes for Business Management, Accounting and Administration and IT.  You can download a fee app for Edmodo. If you are unsure then speak to Mr Easton. Get involved as you can share ideas with each other and ask a question to Mr Easton when you are revising in exam leave and we can get back to you!

Business Education


Mr Easton - Curriculum Leader
Ms Gillespie

S1 Business Education

Students develop their skills in various software application such as MS Word, and various presentation software packages.  In addition students develop their creative and problem solving skills when they develop their own snack bar in 'May Contain Losses' project whereby they create and market a product. This culminates when they deliver a presentation on their snack bar concept. Each class votes for a winner and an overall winner is judged.  

S2 Business Education

Students develop their knowledge of how business satisfy needs and wants. They are introduced into how businesses are organised and structured.  The importance of entrepreneurs is also investigated with students choosing an entrepreneur to research. As in introduction to Accounting students work through materials to enhance their knowledge of financial services and the role of banks.  As an introduction to Administration and IT they learn how to create and present a business letter as well as organise an excursion on budget.

S3 Business Management, Administration and IT

We are offering these separate 1-year courses that cover the Level 4 outcomes in Curriculum for Excellence.  Similar to S1/S2 we aim to develop a range of skills including creativity and enterprising attributes.  These courses provide a platform for the subjects we offer in S4 at National 4 and 5.

S4-S6  Accounting and Finance - National 5/Higher

Students will develop skills in financial management as well as learning how different organisations prepare and analyse financial information eg sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and not-for-profit organisations.

S4-S6  Administration and IT - National 4/5/Higher

Students will develop skills in oral and written communications as they research, process and communicate business information in response to challenges set for them.  The production of a variety of business documents to a standard accepted by business together with a competence in a range of software packages, including the Internet and e-mail, will provide the student with extremely useful and transferable skills whether further education or entering the world of work are their next steps.

S4-S6  Business Management - National 4 (Business) National 5/Higher

Students will gain experience in running a business enterprise scheme and all that this will entail.  The use of IT will also play a major part in developing the skills and knowledge required to survive in an ever changing commercial and technological environment.  The four main areas of study cover Marketing, Human Resources, Operations and Finance.   The course helps students understand the significance of everyday news and how it affects us all.

Snow Closure Homework