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Progression Pathways
Progression Pathways

Maths is considered one of the Core skills and as such is important, not only in education, but also in work and many personal situations.

Possession of Core skills allows people to use the knowledge and understanding they have to good effect and helps them to put what they learn in one subject into action in other aspects of learning.

The Mathematics department are able to offer courses from National 3 through to Advanced Higher for those wish to progress to study a variety of subjects at College or University.

Courses in the early stages of study are designed to encourage student participation which illustrates the need for what is being learned and which sees maths as arising out of real or realistic contexts which students can appreciate.

Course Text books have been chosen for coursework at all levels and provision for overlap between levels has been built into course arrangements.

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Broad General Education

In the BGE we apply a red, amber and green system together with teacher feedback to asses and report on skill development.  This will be applied in all work, homework, formative and summative assessments.

Green indicates a high level of knowledge and understanding in the skill.

Amber indicates a good level of understanding in many areas of the course with areas of misconception and/or error in calculation.

Red indicates misconceptions and/or errors in calculations in many areas of the course.

Study Classes

Supported Study is back up and running. We will have targeted support and pupils can also come along to ask any questions they may have.

  • Senior Phase: Monday and Thursday lunch and Monday and Wednesday after school every week. Please remember to bring study materials or questions with you.
  • Junior Phase: Thursday lunch, students should come along with questions or this can be used as a time to complete homework sith a teacher on hand to support. 
  • Helping your child with Maths at home: See our link below.

 S1 Employability Skills: Developing Numeracy skills through Playing Cards. Please see the Numeracy page. Pupils will be issued with a deck of cards during their time with Mrs Prot and we would encourage your engagement at home with the materials covered. This will be updated regularly throughout the year.  

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