Technology Tam badges

Students who display our department values may be recognised by being presented with a highly sought after 'Technology Tam' badge.  These are available in gold, silver and bronze.

In addition students can nominate their classmates if they feel they have demonstrated these values.


All students are being encouraged to use their Office365 account. This is basically their account to save files and it also has an email facility.  We are encouraging students to use this in their classes, specifically in Business Education and Computing but also for their other subjects when they wish to save and access files.   

All students have to do is go to and log in with their username and password.

We have created a help sheet so that students can get full use - see link below.

Office365 - student guide
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 S1-S3 classes

Reminder - You can use your Office365 account to create and save and even email your Business and Computing Word of the Week homework  just go to, sign in and go to your email. You can also access and save your work in the OneDrive.

S4, S5, S6 students

Revision and consolidation for N4, N5 and Higher should be ongoing and there are some brilliant resources, tasks, YouTube clips on for all these subjects. You need to register but it's easy to do so.  Get involved.

Welcome to Technologies (Business Education and Computing Science)

Our department slogan is “developing your skills, making you employable” as our courses play an important role in preparing students for employment both by extending their understanding of business and also how IT is used and applied in all aspects of society.

In both Business Education and Computing, we use group work, investigations and student presentations to develop confidence and communication skills. In addition we are keen to develop students skills in problem solving, literacy, numeracy and creativity, all essential skills that will make students more employable and benefit those that wish to go onto further or higher education.

Staff 2016-17:

Business Education

Mr Easton (Curriculum Leader) - S1, S2, S3-Higher Business Management, Accounting, Administration and IT

Ms Gillespie - S1, S2, S3-Higher Business Management, N4-Higher Administration and IT


Ms Alexander - S1/2/3 Computing, N5 and Higher Computing Science 

Mr S McNair - S1/2 Computing 

Subjects 2016-17:

Broad General Education (S1-S3):

S1 Business Education, Computing (both 1 period a week)   

S2 Business Education, Computing (both 1 period a week)

S3 Business Management, Administration and IT, Computing Science

Senior Phase (S4-S6):

N4, N5 and Higher: Business Management, Administration and IT, Computing Science

Departments - click below for subject specific information

Topics in Business and Computing

Business Studies


Parents - documents to help you!