Library Access, Responsible Use, Procedures


Responsible Use


The Library is not a social area.

The Library is cordoned off from the English Plaza with room dividers – these must remain in place, as the English Plaza is a designated social area during break and lunch.

Returned books are not to be handed directly to the Librarian. Instead, books are to be dropped into the Book Returns Box beside the Librarian’s desk.

Not open at break or lunch – to make this clear, the Library will be cordoned off with two room dividers each break and lunch.

Staff are to instruct their pupils to use hand sanitiser (dispensers are stationed at each end of the plaza) prior to ‘entering’ the Library. It is acceptable if pupils would prefer to wash their hands or use their own sanitiser.

Books that have been returned will remain in quarantine for 72 hours. If the Book Returns Box has several returns spanning several days, the Box will not be emptied until the following week.

If the Librarian is not onsite – i.e. annual leave or away for a meeting – the Library will be closed to staff and pupils. The Library will be cordoned off and English staff will be asked to keep an eye on the premises.

Staff are to provide notice prior to a Library class visit.

A Personal Shopper form will be shared with pupils and staff via Microsoft Teams. Once a completed form has been submitted, requests will be processed and ready a day later for collection from the Library.

Available for use during Class Time to the following:

Where possible, staff should send out a small number of pupils per class (accompanied by a Pupil Support Assistant or teaching staff) to the Library.

Several virtual Libraries, showcasing particular collections can be seen on the school website. This is to promote the Library's collections and to minimise excessive material handling.

  • A class that is supervised and accompanied by at least one member of staff.

Basic housekeeping rules apply – pupils should put used chairs back in place, take their rubbish with them etc.

  • Spill over from English classes.

Food, drink, and gum are not to be consumed in the Library. Pupils will be redirected to their social spaces (the nearest one being the English plaza) if they wish to eat or drink. Drinking water in the Library is acceptable.


  • Pupils that would be regarded as Vulnerable (discussed with Pupil Support on an ad hoc basis) or needing a Time Out from class.

 Pupils are required to use headphones if they are watching and listening to content on their phones, laptops etc. 


Although students with study/free periods can access the Library, they will be required to leave if they demonstrate behaviour that does not align with the school’s values. Repeatedly poor and disrespectful behaviour will result in a long term ban from the Library premises. Large numbers will be redirected to plazas and S6 study rooms.


In line with Government guidance, senior pupils (S4-6) will be required to wear face masks in the Library.