Monday 8th Feb 16 - Course Choice Booklets

Course Choice booklets issued to S2 and S3. Pupil Post.

Tuesday 9th Feb 16 - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Parents' Information Evening (Group 1)

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Parents' Information Evening (Group 1) - Tuesday 9th February 7pm

Wednesday 10th Feb 16 - Course Choice Evening - Information for Parents/ Carers

S2: 6-7pm; S3: 7-8pm. In the Main Hall.

Friday 12th Feb 16 - Mid- Term Break

All break. 1.05pm

Friday 12th Feb 16 - S4,S5,S6 Progress Update Reports

Update reports issued to S4,S5,S6. Pupil post.

Welcome to Queensferry Community High School

Welcome to the Queensferry Community High School (QCHS) website. You will see that we have a wide range of activities and events happening across the school. We aim to celebrate success at QCHS; we certainly have much to be proud of and much to tell you about. Our students have been performing exceptionally well in the curriculum and in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our school. Please contact us on 0131 319 3200 if we can help in any way.

Mr John Wood,  Head Teacher